Applying Skill and Craftsmanship

Applying Skill and Craftsmanship

Invermed has a specialist in house toolroom facility with a wide range of precision machinery and technology. This includes EDM Spark Eroding and CNC Milling in a temperature-controlled environment. Having an inhouse toolroom means that we can offer customers rapid tooling solutions to fast track project timelines.

Prototype tools can be an efficient solution for customers when testing a concept or for low volume production. InverMed uses a variety of different sized cassette tooling. These methods can simulate a full production tool and can have a rapid turnaround time to maximise efficiency for customers. We now also use a quick change system, which creates a closer tooling environment to the production tooling than cassettes can provide.

We maintain all the moulds and carry out all modifications when needed. 98% of moulds made and designed on-site, continue on to production in InverMed.


    The mould is a precision instrument that is individually designed and manufactured for each medical device component. It integrates a way of filling cavities, cooling the plastic and ejecting parts. The mould is the heart of the injection moulding process. InverMed has over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing complex moulding solutions with very tight tolerances.


    InverMed specialises in the design and manufacture of high-precision plastic injection moulds for the market leaders in the medical device industry. Our area of expertise lies in over-moulding and insert moulding; we thrive on the more complicated projects. Precision mould manufacturing requires not only advanced technological capabilities but also a zero-defect culture and the highest levels of design integrity.


    Our tooling capabilities feature extensive, advanced wire EDM and CNC technology combined with expert Engineers and Master Toolmakers. Integral to the moulding of micro parts, is the micro tooling. Tolerances of 0.004mm and tighter are achievable. As well as micro tooling and moulding we have also installed specific measurement equipment to complete the micro service.


    Characterising the form, fit and function of a part in a repeatable and reproducible manner involves accurate dimensional inspection of the product’s features. Consideration is given to in-house design and production of bespoke or generic fixturing, to orient the parts correctly for measurement. Measurement routines may be automated, to remove operator variation, or variation in test method. Detailed 3D scans are also available, on request. NPIs and product validations are supported by industry standard software.